Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Dubai in Car Rental?

So, you really wanna make the most out of your trip to Dubai or just finally decided to explore the city as a native? The best way to go about it is to find a nice car, and that’s pretty easy in Dubai because of the accessibility of car rentals. 

One thing, though, can make or break your experience while cruising around in Dubai - The changing seasons.  Dubai only has two seasons - Winter and Summer. Spring and Fall also happen but do not last long, so considering them feels insignificant.

Renting cars for your next trip through the city is going to be ten times more fun in one season than the other. Let’s explore why winter is the best time to visit Dubai in a Car Rental

Weather Conditions

Dubai’s temperature goes up in the brief spring and all periods, but it skyrockets during the summer, going as high as 50°C (122°F). Even stepping out of your house can be quite dangerous because there’s an increased risk of heat stroke.

You’ll find many businesses closing down during the summer because customers just avoid going on, resulting in decreased demand. So, it’s really not wise to go cruising around town during the summers in Dubai. 

The weather significantly calms down during the winters, staying between the comfortable range of  20°C to 30°C (70°F to 85°F), making it the perfect season to really explore the city to its fullest in your rental car. 

Tourist Attractions

Winter is just an all-around popular season for tourists, mainly because the idea of melting away in the dangerous heat of Dubai’s summers is quite frightening. That’s precisely why Dubai puts more effort into making the tourist spots more attractive during the winter times. 

Although most of Dubai’s tourist attractions are open for visitors all year round, there are some spots that are closed down completely during summer, like Ski Dubai, Dubai Miracle Garden, and Global Village.

Special Winter Events and Activities

Winter in Dubai is not just about comfortable weather; it’s also the time when the entire city truly comes alive and many special events and activities are arranged.

From the all-too-extravagant Dubai Shopping Festival, which offers incredible deals and entertainment, to various international sports events like the Dubai Marathon and the Omega Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament, there’s no shortage of things to do. 

Car rentals allow you to conveniently hop from one event to another, ensuring you don't miss out on any of the excitement. Also, winter brings festive markets, cultural festivals, and outdoor concerts that are spread across the city, all easily accessible with a rented car.

Christmas Offers & Deals

Dubai is one of those cosmopolitan cities that embraces festivities from all around the world, and Christmas is no exception. During winter, especially around Christmas time, car rental companies roll out special offers and deals. 

You can enjoy significant discounts on daily or weekly rentals, which means you can get more value for your money. Also, many companies out there in Dubai offer exclusive package deals that include added benefits like GPS devices, child seats, and even free additional drivers. Taking advantage of these offers makes winter the most economical time to rent a car in Dubai.

Budget-Friendly Travels

Winter in Dubai comes with an influx of tourists coming in to get a taste of Dubai, and to cater to the large number of visitors, many service providers, including car rental companies, offer competitive rates. This competition drives down prices and makes it the perfect time for you to rent your dream car for your dream Dubai trip. 

Also, the fuel prices in Dubai are quite low compared to other global cities anyway, and with many rental companies offering unlimited mileage deals during winter, you can explore the city extensively without worrying about extra costs. 


Choosing the right time for your trip can really make a difference, and for Dubai, winter is hands down the best season to visit, especially if you’re renting a car. The weather is perfect, the tourist attractions are buzzing, and there are plenty of special events and budget-friendly deals that make it all worth it.

So, get ready for an awesome journey through Dubai’s lively streets, cool festivals, and amazing landmarks, all easily accessible with your rental car. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular, winter in Dubai promises unforgettable moments and total convenience.

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